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Dr. Shermak honored as one of Marylands Top 100 Women for 2014

Top 100
Dr Shermak was recognized as one of the high-achieving Maryland women who are making an impact through their leadership, community service and mentoring.

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Dr Shermak listed among Maryland's 2014 Top 100 Women

Baltimore Mayor Congratulates Dr. Shermak for receiving Top 100 Women Award

Maryland Comptroller Congratulates Dr. Shermak for receiving Top 100 Women Award

My breast and body contouring surgical atlas has been translated into Spanish!
Super-exciting delivery in the mail!


Dr Shermak Speaks at Spirted Woman Awards

Dr. Michele Shermak speaks at Spirited Woman Awards at the Four Seasons, honoring local women who give back to the community.

Women of Excellence Event At Martin's West

Today was the Women of Excellence event at Martin's West, featuring Geena Davis, the keynote speaker. I believe there will be a bump in Thelma and Louise downloads - who didn't love that movie?





Spirited Women Awards

I was so honored to host the Spirited Women awards yesterday at The Four Seasons. What inspiration the award winners provided to us, spending their valuable and limited time giving back to the community. Alice Ann Finnerty from The Turnover Shoppe in Hamden is a wonderful woman, the premier award winner, and The Caroline Center who benefitted from money raised from the event is a wonderful cause worth investigating! Here are some iphone pics, more to come! Congrats to my buddy Lori Villegas! Look for this event next fall!

Caspari and me

Jill and Maren

Martha and Orlee

Latest Radio spot by Dr Shermak

Listen to Dr Shermak on the radio... Refresh your look Mix

Dr Shermak Discusses Surgery After Breast Cancer

Baltimore Business Journal Women's Summit Event

How to Present Yourself to Optimize Success in the Workplace.

Event Photos..

Dr. Shermak's "New Year, New You" ad on 106.5.

"New Year, New You" on 106.5! (mp3)

Dr. Shermak joins Dr. Christina Li and Dr. Cynthia Long of Sinai Hospital Bariatric Program

Dr. Shermak joins Dr. Christina Li and Dr. Cynthia Long of Sinai Hospital Bariatric Program to provide a safe path to wellness for individuals seeking weight loss surgery and body contouring after massive weight loss.

BariQuarry BariQuarry

Comments about blepharoplasty by Dr. Shermak

Truth in beauty
Help! What to do about chin hairs, red eyes, hammertoes, and more. Medical experts tackle a fresh round of embarrassing beauty questions.

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Dr. Shermak recently received a great review on her Surgical Atlas.
Read more about Dr. Shermak’s Surgical Atlas.
Purchase Dr. Shermak’s Surgical Atlas.

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Dr. Shermak’s New Piece on Mix 106.5

New promotional radio piece on 106.5! (mp3)

Dr. Shermak’s Radio Ad on Mix 106.5

Check out Dr. Shermak’s new radio ad on Mix 106.5! (mp3)

Dr. Shermak on Style Magazine

Dr. Shermak was featured in Baltimore Style magazine’s special section on Women’s Health on what you can do to best maintain yourself after 40.

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Dr. Shermak in More Magazine

Dr. Shermak was featured in More Magazine discussing breast reduction and the right timing of surgery.

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Dr. Shermak on WBAL News in Baltimore

Cosmetic Procedures to EnhanceJob Search – Baltimore Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michele Shermak

Dr. Shermak on Fox 45

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michele Shermak discusses breast reconstruction on Fox 45 Morning News.

Dr. Shermak Interview in Baltimore Business Journal


    What’s it like to be a plastic surgeon?
    It’s very exciting. In Judaism, there’s something called a mitzvah. It’s a good deed. I feel like I get to do at least one mitzvah per day. In other careers, you don’t get that opportunity.

    How do people react to your profession?
    When I do meet people, I do get a lot of questions. It’s always ethically tricky when someone asks you for advice at a party.

    What kind of questions?
    People ask about all types of treatments, surgical procedures. People are really interested and want good information.”

    Click Here download Page 2 of the Baltimore Business Journal featuring Dr. Shermak.

    Click Here to read the full interview on the Baltimore Business Journal Website.

Dr. Shermak in Baltimore Jewish Times – “Unmasking Surprising Jewish Views On Plastic Surgery”


    “Overall, says Dr. Michele Shermak, also of Baltimore Plastic Surgery, she doesn’t see much difference between the desires of her Jewish patients and others. ‘If anything, they may be a bit less trendy. For example, right now there’s the Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez trend for big bottoms, and most of my Jewish clients won’t ask for that’…

    Silverman is adamant that her decision to have surgery was the right one, and she couldn’t have been happier with her surgeon, Dr. Shermak. In fact, she is very open about the procedures she has had. “I had three beautiful, healthy 9-pound babies. No matter what I did,” she says, “I could not get my body back. It’s not my fault; things happen!” A Pikesville native, Shermak says her interest in plastic surgery began with a film she watched in a social studies class at Pikesville High School.”

Dr. Shermak in MedPage Today – “Breast Reduction Riskier After 50″


    “Given those factors, hormones could be one explanation for poorer breast reduction outcomes at older ages, the researchers noted.

    ‘In the laboratory, topical estrogen has been found to optimize wound healing, a process thought to be related to estrogen’s stimulation of growth factors,’ Shermak’s group explained.

    ‘Close questioning about factors that may cause hormonal deficiency such as history of hysterectomy/oophorectomy should be addressed, and hormone replacement therapy may be worth considering in this group of patients,’ they suggested in the paper.

    Other explanations could be the effect of aging on the skin — atrophy, progressive loss of function, increased vulnerability to the environment, and decreased homeostatic capability — as well as on other processes needed for wound healing, such as cell proliferation and migration.”

    Click here to read the full article by Crystal Phend at MedPage Today.

Dr. Shermak in The Baltimore Sun


    “…A woman was arrested in Miami recently after allegedly injecting tire repair adhesives in a similar procedure. Earlier this year, a British woman died after an improper procedure in a Philadelphia hotel room, and a New York City woman was arrested on charges that she performed illegal breast and buttocks-enhancement procedures in her home, according to news reports.

    ‘Who would imagine someone would let someone else inject them with something from Home Depot? It’s insane,’ said Dr. Michele Shermak, a Lutherville plastic surgeon and spokeswoman for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, which has launched a campaign to educate the public on the perils on plastic surgery performed by the untrained.

    ‘It’s horrible on so many levels,’ she said. ‘You’re going to have a toxic reaction.’…”

    Click here to read the full article by Meredith Cohn at The Baltimore Sun.

Dr. Shermak in Baltimore Magazine


    Dr. Shermak featured in Baltimore Magazine’s Top Docs issue, 2011.

    Click here to view the Baltimore Magazine website and find out where you can pick up a hard copy today.

    Dr Shermak's latest article in Baltimore Magazine. Click here

Dr. Shermak on Fox 45


    Dr. Shermak was featured on the Fox 45 Morning News for a segment called, “Take Action: Breast Cancer”

    Click here to view the segment on the WBFF Fox 45 website.

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