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Dr. Shermak has helped many Baltimore Abdominoplasty patients. Please read more about what to expect from the procedure below.

What is an Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)?

Abdominoplasty contours the abdomen, including muscle tightening, liposuction of the waist and removal of skin excess. There is a large range of procedures that constitute an abdominoplasty to meet the needs of a diverse population, including women who are post-pregnany and men and women who have sustained significant weight loss or who have abdominal scarring and weakness from prior surgery. The incision is thin and may be hidden under bathing suits and underwear. The objective is a smoother, more fit torso and the confidence that goes along with it.

Who is a good candidate for Abdominoplasty?

Good candidates for a tummy tuck in Baltimore Maryland are men and women in good health who have excess, overhanging skin, significant stretchmarks, muscle laxity, localized fat, and uneven contour and discomfort from scar. This procedure may be combined with Liposuction, Backlift, Thighlift or Breast Surgery to rejuvenate the entire torso. During the initial consultation you will discuss with Dr. Shermak what you would like to improve so she can understand your expectations and determine how to best achieve the desired result.

Tummy tuckWhat is the recovery like for a Tummy Tuck?

Surgery is outpatient or may require overnight observation in the hospital. You may experience temporary discomfort, swelling, numbness, and bruising. Patients are up and walking within hours of surgery. Most resume regular activities and return to work after 2 weeks, and swelling may take up to a month or two to resolve. Stitches are removed approximately 1 week after surgery. Drainage tubes are often removed within 2 weeks.

The way you look and feel directly affects your self-confidence. In addition to treating Baltimore Abdominoplasty patients, Dr. Shermak takes care of many Baltimore Liposuction, Backlift, Thighlift and Breast Surgery patients. Please visit these pages to learn more about the other body enhancement procedures offered.

Please visit our Photo Gallery to view representative results.

For more information about having a tummy tuck in Baltimore MD with Dr Shermak, call the office at 410-616-3000 to schedule your personal, complimentary consultation today.

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