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Her detailed and individualized approach to body contouring, and her meticulous attention to detail in plastic surgery procedures for face, body, and breasts draws patients from Baltimore, throughout Maryland, and throughout the country. If you are considering a procedure and live in another city or state, we make planning a trip as easy as possible for you, from start to finish.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Shermak?

As one of the most sought-after female plastic surgeons in the United States, Dr. Michele Shermak stays at the forefront of latest procedures and technologies in cosmetic surgery. She is widely recognized for creating and performing innovative procedures for those who have undergone massive weight loss and has lectured throughout the United States on her body contouring techniques. Dr. Shermak believes that choosing to seek cosmetic surgery can be a radical act of self-love, and she is dedicated to providing artistic, sophisticated, natural-looking results.

The skill of your plastic surgeon is the most important aspect of undergoing any body contouring procedure or other enhancement. You can trust Dr. Shermak as one of the most respected plastic surgeons serving in the country, and a leader in the field of cosmetic enhancements for face, breast, and body. Dr. Shermak cultivates an atmosphere of kindness and courtesy in her practice with a staff who do everything possible to make you feel comfortable every step of the way. Come to Baltimore and learn why Dr. Shermak is among the best plastic surgeons in the nation.

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Words from a Real Patient

"To all who seek a solution,

"My journey to find a solution for the loose skin on my thighs had been wrought with confusion and hopelessness. I met with countless doctors and all assured me these procedures aren't being done. I live in Beverly Hills and often wondered how could it be that I live in the epicenter of plastic surgery and not a single doctor is qualified to help lift the skin on my thighs so I can start to feel comfortable in my body. Most doctors tell you a thigh lift must leave you with incisions above the waist, and wrapping around the entirety of it nonetheless. There was no way, that wasn't what I needed, nor would that solve my problem and lift the loose skin I had on my thighs. I wanted the skin on the backs of my thighs and the inner thigh to be lifted and the incision created in the crease of my buttocks and into my groin.

"After many years, 6 to be exact, I finally thought that maybe I should try outside of Los Angeles and New York. Up until this point I had never considered another city. Then I thought of Medical Schools and where I might seek a solution. Immediately Johns Hopkins came to mind. It is within this exhaustive search in the Baltimore area that I found the solution I had been searching for and more.

"Dr. Michele Shermak was the answer to my prayers. I showed her my area of concern at our consultation and she exuded the confidence and concrete assurance I had yearned for from a doctor. She is brilliant and thorough. She quite literally made my dreams a reality with her execution of my procedure. My thighs have been lifted. They are smooth and look incredible. The incision in my butt crease is completely hidden and looks spectacular. The procedure created an even more shapely and attractive backside then I had ever anticipated.

"The surgery was performed in the surgical center of her office. The center is well equipped and I was very impressed by all the staff. Everyone I came in contact with was kind and attentive; be it behind the desk, billing, anesthesia, post op care, you name it. My choice to travel from Los Angeles to Baltimore for this procedure, to place myself under Dr. Shermak’s care, was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

"I believe that Dr. Shermak’s techniques and understanding of this procedure is both innovative and unparalleled. There was no stone unturned in my quest to find a doctor who could help me and I say with complete and utter honesty that not a single one had the experience and/or knowledge as she has. I hope that anyone reading this, suffering as I did, can make their way to her care, as I have no doubt, that can change ones life. She has forever altered mine and I am eternally grateful."

- Sincerely, R.M.

A Makeover Away from Home

Think of your time at our private, luxury plastic surgery clinic in Baltimore as a getaway for total rejuvenation. You are spending time away from home to invest in your most precious possession: you! Dr. Shermak is a renowned educator and recognized as one of the most accomplished female plastic surgeons in America. Her calm, conscientious demeanor will immediately set you at ease. Her artistic eye and aesthetic sensibility allow her to advise you of the procedures that will create the look you envision. It all happens while you are free from the cares and concerns of home and work, in the hands of a highly-skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon and her caring staff.

Come for the Procedures, Leave Refreshed and Revitalized

Dr. Shermak is recognized for her exceptional skills in creating beautiful, natural-looking aesthetic results. When you leave our Baltimore facilities and return home, you will look and feel younger, more vital, and fully refreshed and rejuvenated.

Privacy is our Priority

The choice to seek cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal, and we know that some patients want this choice to be kept private. We want you to be assured that your confidentiality and comfort are among our priorities. The secret behind how refreshed and youthful you appear is safe with us – we operate with discretion and privacy.

Our Patients Come First

Our patient-centered practice has been designed around creating the most positive patient experience. Our treatment rooms offer complete privacy, so you can consult with Dr. Shermak comfortably, and our luxe décor provides the backdrop for a tranquil, pleasant experience throughout your stay.

Where to Stay

Allow us to act as your Patient Concierge during your stay. Our office has secured exclusive rates at local hotels for your convenience. In order to receive these exclusive rates, simply contact our office and we will gladly connect you. We can recommend the local places to go, from shopping to restaurants to enjoying learning about Baltimore’s rich history or wherever your interests lie. If you are ready to be pampered while you rejuvenate your face and body, our team of professionals is here to guide you.

Visiting Baltimore

The city of Baltimore has a rich history as an important American seaport and is the birthplace of “The Star Spangled Banner.” Explore the National Aquarium or the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum at the Inner Harbor. If you are a lover of the arts, you can take a stroll through the Baltimore Museum of Art or attend a performance of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra. Or you can simply wander along Baltimore’s scenic Inner Harbor.

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