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Compression knees highs/garments -

My fave knee highs are Figs and Lily Trotters which are fun, fashionable, effective and well made. These are great for weeks to months after surgery, starting after your Ted hose come off. They help reduce swelling in the legs and feet and help protect against blood clots

For girdles, I love Marena Shapewear for its fabrics and durability. It’s a little pricey and like all companies that produce these garments, it’s priced small. Leonisa and Design Veronique are also wonderful companies with great products. Be sure to find out which type of girdle would best suit you from Dr. Shermak.

Comfortable loose clothing

Athleta and Lululemon are great, but honestly Target provides fine clothing for the perioperative period. Clothing should not be fitted to best hide the lumps and bumps of bandages, foam padding, and drains. Soft textures – warm and fuzzy – are comforting. Colors that you enjoy, avoiding white, make getting dressed more pleasant. Clothes should have easy access – open in the front with zippers or large openings for arms and neck in the tops – flannels are perfect in the cold weather. Pants like sweat pants and yoga pants/tights and girdles that are loose and not fitted also comfortable and camouflage stuff going on underneath.

Shoes that will not challenge you, like flip flops, Ugg boots, and fuzzy slippers are necessary as well.


Definitely consider when breast work done, but also help when body work is done. Cotton, coverage, open in the front. Hanes brand found at Walmart are perfect! A little further out from surgery other companies provide nice soft bras, including Coobie, Aerie and Marena. Coobie offers great BOGO offers around almost any holiday. About 3-4 weeks out, Cosabella provides beautiful sexy bras with no underwire. Most companies are online, but Aerie does have retail stores which are great to get better sizing.

Bath items

Be sure to order “bougie” lush products that you enjoy. These are relatively low cost and can really create a bright spot in your day, particularly for the early showers that can be physically challenging. Hair products including shampoos, conditioners and spray in products post shower; facial and body cleansers; and moisturizers are really nice to have. Baths will not be allowed – only plan for showering early on. And if you have drains, plan to pin them up to something when you shower. This can be a belt from a bathrobe that you loosely wrap around your neck or waist, Mardi gras beads or a lanyard to which you can pin the drain up so it does not dangle in the shower.

Home items

Pillows to help keep your back elevated while recovering keep you more comfortable. It will help with reducing swelling in the breasts and also take pressure of the abdomen, particularly with muscle repair. Comfortable warm blankets always soothe.

Not that these purchases should be made for an operation, but furniture like recliners are optimal to keep the back up and legs up, while a nice comfortable armchair/ottoman combination can closely approximate the benefit of the recliner. Recliners can be rented – might be worth looking into.

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The state of Maryland is now fortunately downgraded to Yellow Status. COVID stress on the medical system has lessened and most areas in the state no longer mandate masks.

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