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What is breast augmentation with lift?

Breast augmentation, an enhancement procedure, may be strategically combined with a breast lift to achieve rejuvenated, fuller breasts, a tighter, lifted skin envelope and more optimally positioned nipples. Breast augmentation with lift may also help treat congenital breast asymmetry. Dr. Shermak uses saline or silicone breast implants depending on patient choice, in a broad range of sizes and textures. The lift improves perkiness and the implant improves the cleavage.

Who is a good candidate for a Baltimore breast augmentation with lift procedure?

Good candidates for breast augmentation with lift are women in good mental and physical health who have breasts that have lost their fullness and shape from pregnancy or significant weight loss, or who have congenital breast ptosis, or sagging. Clients should have realistic ideals for their outcome, hoping for improvement rather than perfection. Dr. Shermak will review surgical incisions and postoperative photos of women who have undergone this procedure so her patients are fully informed and expectations are set.

What is the recovery like for breast augmentation with lift?

Surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. One may experience temporary discomfort, swelling, or numbness. Most women resume regular activities and return to low impact exercise after 1-2 weeks. Heavy lifting is discouraged for at least a month.

A total transformation

The way you look and feel directly affects your self-confidence. In addition to treating Baltimore breast augmentation with lift patients, Dr. Shermak takes care of many Baltimore abdominoplasty, body lift, fat grafting, and facial plastic surgery patients. Please visit these pages to learn more about the other cosmetic procedures offered.

What’s next? Schedule a Consultation

We invite you to call Dr. Shermak’s Baltimore plastic surgery office at 410-324-6592 to schedule your personal, comprehensive consultation today. During the initial consultation you will discuss with Dr. Shermak what you would like to improve so she can understand your expectations and determine how to best achieve the desired result. Surgery is customized to your desires and needs. You may also learn more about the procedure by visiting our before and after photography page online.

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