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It is coming up on four years since my surgery, comfortable in a bathing suit, and grateful everyday that I found Dr. Shermak. This surgery was life changing for me, and anyone considering this surgery, can trust Dr. Shermak because she is the very best. Extremely life changing for me!


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Shermak and her team. Thank you for making me feel so cared for during and after my surgery. I am so happy with my breast augmentation and I would do it 100x over again. I feel so much more confident and happy with my body :)


Dr. Shermak is a magnificent plastic surgeon. Dr. Shermak and her staff were absolutely wonderful to work with. From the beginning, I knew I was in good hands when she took the time to go over my surgery options, answer my many questions, and put my fears at ease. I cannot thank her enough for all she's done and the excellent care her and her staff provided. She is very personable, energetic, and truly an exceptional surgeon and well deserving of being named as one of Baltimore Top Doctors. I had consultations with three other area doctors and I am so happy I chose her!!!


Dr. Shermak is fantastic! She is a perfect blend of confidence without arrogance. She's highly skilled and has a keen eye for what looks natural. I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and she helped me pick the perfect implant for my body type. In addition, she was there for me during every step of my recovery. She came to see me in the hospital on a Saturday and she was available by email at all times to answer questions and reassure me. I recommend her 1000%!


Dr. Shermak and her support team are wonderful! From the very beginning, starting with an initial consultation and even a 2nd consultation, I felt taken care of, respected and valued. Dr. Shermak's years of experience and her client-referrals made me confident in my decision to pursue an abdominoplasty with her, and she walked me through all stages of the procedure, patiently answering my questions. I was encouraged to email her or Ann (her assistant) whenever I had questions before and after the surgery – even on weekends and holidays! My recovery has been speedy and uneventful -- exactly what you want! I'm thrilled with my results. I feel confident in my clothes, my back pain is gone, and I am exercising again. Dr. Shermak more than fulfilled my expectations; it's absolutely the best decision I ever made.


Dr Shermak is wonderful, kind and caring. I feel she takes her time with you and really listens to you. Dr Shermak made a difficult decision for me easier and has made me feel confident with my new results.


Dr. Shermak is truly talented surgeon as well as a wonderful person. She cares about her patients and listens attentively to understand the results you are trying to achieve. I recently had Dr. Shermak inject filler into my cheeks and I am thrilled! Highly recommended!!


Dr. Shermak has completely changed my life, from my first surgery following gastric bypass surgery, which was the tummy tuck a few years ago, and recently August 31st, when I had the medial thigh lift, liposuction both knees and butt lift. It has not been one month and I feel like a brand new person! My sweet heart told me just two days ago, that my attitude, with the comfort of my body and confidence has made him fall in love with me all over again!!! This experience is changing my life literally! I appreciate the professionalism, attentiveness and expertise from Dr, Shermak herself and staff. If you want the best outcome for your one and only body, Dr. Shermak is the way to go!!! Best wishes to you all!!


Dr. Shermak is an excellent surgeon with an upbeat personality. I had to undergo a delicate procedure and had some anxiety, but her confidence alleviated my fears. In the end, all went extremely well and the results confirmed her reason to be so confident. Her staff members are friendly and return calls promptly. The office runs on time and the entire team is a pleasure to work with. I may decide on future treatment and will undoubtedly call on Dr. Shermak!


I had a previous surgery by a different plastic surgeon that just did not heal properly. My experience with Dr. Shermak has been nothing short of stellar. I was one of those patients who seemed to have a problem with each step we took - just how my body handled recovery. Dr. Shermak answered all my questions either in person, on the phone or via email. She calmed me down and reassured me when I thought there was no hope. Her patience with me was impressive. The staff were accommodating, helpful and caring. Best decision I ever made!


Dr. Shermak is a skilled and artful plastic surgeon! She has a warm and welcoming temperament, and is a wonderful problem solver. The injectable fillers she's used in my treatment have given me a very natural, enhanced appearance. Her office is conveniently located and her hours are very accessible. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!


I went to Dr. Michele Shermak for a tummy tuck, muscle repair and liposuction. I am 58 and had lost 178 pounds and had a lot of extra skin. The results were stunning. I had no idea I would be able to get a flat stomach and curvy sides! She is a skilled surgeon, but also attentive and open during office visits - but the most astounding thing was her responsiveness to emails when I had any questions. I highly recommend her.


Dr. Shermak was so helpful and answered any questions I had in office or over email and my results were exactly what I wanted. The office was beautifully kept and the staff was so friendly! Best decision I've ever made!


Dr. Shermak is passionate about her patients and very knowledgeable on the topic. She answered all my questions clearly and treated me and my concerns very respectfully. I am very pleased with the results of the surgery and feel that Dr. Shermak helped me to make the right decision. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great surgeon for breast reconstruction.


Dr. Shermak and her team are very professional and personable. They listen to their patients and genuinely care. The offices are close to the highway and they are always available for questions. I had breast reconstruction and reduction under her care and am completely satisfied with the care I received.


I knew that many surgeons would not have performed surgery on me due to my autoimmune disease. Dr. Shermak took the bull by the horns. She was very detailed in explaining the procedures, recovery time, and all aspects of the surgery. Following the surgery, she was always available to respond to questions and concerns that I had. It has been a long road to recovery for me due to my health issues, but Dr. Shermak and her staff were always present. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and I feel and look 10 years younger!


From the moment I first met Dr. Shermak, I immediately felt both safe and at ease. Initially I had come to visit her for some Botox but after a brief discussion she suggested that in addition to Botox, she inject some filler to diminish the appearance of hollowness in my tear through's. Needless to say, I could not be more pleased with my results! I cannot thank Dr. Shermak enough for helping me to feel more confident and youthful!


Dr Shermak did a fantastic job and i am more than satisfied with the result. The entire experience, from first visit to post op, was smooth and easy for me. The or team was great and everything went better than i expected. Highly recommend her for any cosmetic surgery you might be considering. As a physician, i can attest to how well everything was done.


She is the best doctor I have ever met. We had to go through five different doctors that did what they considered their best before finding Dr. Shermak. She not only fixed their botched and shoddy work, but exceeded our original expectations. She is not only brilliant, but a lovely person as well. You actually look forward to your appointments. How often can anyone say that!


Dr. Shermak is incredibly attentive and upbeat. She came to my room each morning while in the hospital for 2 days. She was there by 7:30 AM. She really listens and thinks about what's best for the individual patient. I highly recommend her!


I went to Dr Shermak to remove three Basal cells, I liked her approach to remove the cell all at one time, maybe only taking about 90 minutes not like a Dermatologist that would do 1 layer at a time and procedure could take all day. Once I got into my fifty's I felt I always looked tired due to the volume loss along the cheek bones. So Dr Shermak suggested Voluma filler and it's great, it is instant gratification, you go in looking tired and come out looking younger and refreshed.


Dr. Shermak was super-attentive to my needs. Her surgical skills are evident in my results. I feel and look great - she turned back the clock! She was always there when I had a question, and she made me feel comfortable. She has a great background at Hopkins. I became her patient there and followed her. I would follow her again if I had to. I have referred her to my family and friends. I recommend her highly!


Everyone at Michele A. Shermak, MD was so helpful! I choose them on best reviews for my plastic surgery in Baltimore. They were much trained and make your overall experience absolutely perfect. He is such a performer. I would not hesitate to go back.


My experience was amazing i find Dr Shermak to be kind and passionate about the care of her patients and always available to answer any of your concerns she makes you feel like family thanks for a great experience.


What can I say about Dr. Shermak except that She is Wonderful I had Tummy Tuck Lipo and Fat Transfer I Am only 6 weeks po but I am happy with my results She has addressed my every need From consult until now. I have never seen her that she doesn't have a smile on her face. She personally called to check on me the day after surgery and always reminds me that if I need anything to call..I would highly recommend her to anyone. She and her staff especially Ann are wonderful and have made this a very positive experience for me…


I found Dr. Shermak and her staff to be forthcoming with explanations, patient with all my questions, incredible 'bedside' manner, readily accessible and extremely fair in pricing. I a thrilled with my results and cannot recommend Dr. Shermak and her support staff enough.


I had a strange accident that involved the right side of my nose being so severely damaged, that it required reconstructive surgery. This accident put me into emergency surgery to repair my nose. The procedure was thoroughly explained even though we didn't have long to get me into the operating room. At all times, Dr. Shermak was professional, understanding, and helpful during this emotionally traumatizing process. From what my nose looked like entering her office until what it looks like now is just short of miraculous. For any type of reconstructive surgery, I would highly recommend her services.


I had a tummy tuck and lower back lift performed by Dr. Michele Shermak earlier this year and I can’t say enough good things about her care and the final outcome. What struck me most was how excited she was during our initial consultation. And her excitement was contagious. She knew from the get go what results she could achieve and she did exactly that. Before and after surgery she was available for questions and was quick to personally reply. It was a first class experience from beginning to end. If you’re nervous about having a procedure you must at least go in for a consultation and I know you’ll be convinced that Dr. Shermak is the right surgeon for you. You owe it to yourself – I’m sure you’ll be just as pleased as I am.


Dr. Michele Shermak is a plastic surgeon in Baltimore!!! She has made me look the best I have in times!!! She has a great artistic intelligence and really knows the right extent of cosmetic procedures to do for each patient. All of my girlfriends see Dr. Michele Shermak and she has made us all look tremendous!! I can’t say enough good things about this fantastic doctor who has really changed my life. I would highly recommend.


If you are looking for cosmetic surgeon in Baltimore to boost your confidence and feel better, then Michele A. Shermak, MD should be your choice. I love everything about this office. My tummy tuck turned out fantastic. I was very pleased with my result. Thanks so much to Dr. Shermak and her wonderful staff! I am a breast cancer patient whose Cancer surgeon referred me to Dr. Shermak. I don't think I have the words to describe my gratitude and extreme satisfaction with her. When you have cancer, your world kind of starts spinning out of control. And when you make the decision to have a bilateral mastectomy to survive the cancer, you can't help but fear what that will do to your body and self-image as a woman. Dr. Shermak is so patient with me and supportive. She always takes as much time as I need during an appointment. She showed me multiple types of implants until we both felt we had ones that I would be comfortable with. She supported me during my recovery, even answering this 'nervous Nellie's' emails late in the evening. She has been nothing but reassuring while remaining so professional. I am getting ready for my second stage of reconstruction and now I not only don't worry, I actually feel beautiful already. I would recommend anyone who is facing this situation to seek out Dr. Shermak. She truly is a 'hero' in my eyes.


DR. SHERMAK IS AWESOME! She's very enthusiastic and keeps it real. I am very happy with the results. Everyone has been saying how nice and natural my earlobes look. The office was clean, and the staff that I encountered were all nice. Especially James, I was a little cold and he gave me a blanket and extra pillow to make sure I was comfortable during the procedure. Recovery wasn't bad at all, Dr. Shermak was very quick to respond to the e-mails I had sent her regarding some questions I had and was extremely helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Shermak. For any future procedures I will definitely be returning!


Dr Shermak did an amazing job for me. After 3 kids (one was set of twins) I was forever tucking my belly skin into my jeans etc. Problem was I was the same weight as before having children. I went to Dr Shermak after a physician friend referred me to her. I am so happy I did. She was professional and responsive She did a great job. My tummy looks great and I have an actual waist now. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.


Dr. Shermak is wonderful! She is warm and professional, she has performed two procedures on me with incredible results, all my friends are amazed at how natural I look after the procedures; with a third procedure in the near future. Her follow ups are not rushed, she genuinely wants to be sure that you are doing well and hear your questions and concerns. Thank you Dr. Shermak to you and to your wonderful staff.


Dr. Shermak was fabulous. After undergoing an 80+lb weight loss, I was so disappointed with the way my body looked. I met with many surgeons and was disheartened by the number of procedures and the costs associated with meeting my goals. Dr. Shermak combined procedures resulting in a much lower overall cost and less recovery time. It has been nearly 8 months since my procedures and I am thrilled with the results. Dr. Shermak and all the office staff were a joy to work with. I recommend her to everyone with no reservations!!! Her down to earth, straight forward personality and attention to detail made the whole experience seamless!


I was very pleased with the cosmetic surgery that I got from Dr. Michele at Dr. Michele A. Shermak, MD office in Baltimore MD. Very persevering and took the time to answer all of my questions. I would recommend her to anyone seeing plastic surgery.


Dr. Shermak is a highly-skilled plastic surgeon and artist with a sympathetic nature. I felt like she loves what she does as demonstrated by the textbook she wrote on these surgical procedures. My appointments were always punctual, as well as Dr. Shermak's personal response to all of my post-op questions. I had a tummy tuck and breast lift. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the results especially when I get dressed in the morning! She was highly recommended to me by another Doctor and I have implicit confidence in her & respect her as an extremely skilled surgeon with an empathetic bed-side manner. I can hardly believe it when I look at my 'before' pictures. Like a true professional, she also repaired a hernia she found caused by a prior laparoscopy surgery, knowing my insurance probably wouldn't pay.


Dr. Shermak provided me with a great experience from start to finish. Her bedside manor was amazing and her advice and expertise helped me achieve the look I had always dreamed of.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 16, 2012, I saw Dr. Shermak on October 17, 2012. I was immediatley put at ease by her kindness, her professionalism and her knowledge of all reconstruction procedures. Through the whole process I felt as if I was her only client. It is obvious Dr. Shermak loves her work and that spills out onto the whole office. I had a mastectomy and reconstruction on one breast while the other was lifted and matched in size, and no one would ever know. I am thrilled with how I look and feel. I would have to say that one of the things that got me through this whole ordeal was Dr. Shermak!


I have taken an opportunity to express how I feel about my experience with Michele Shermak. The only real issue is how to contain my enthusiasm. All these months later (7 to be exact), I am still absolutely blown away by the responses to my face. In the beginning I interviewed Dr. Shermak for her to be my backup or plan “B” if you will, after my basal cell carcinoma Mohs procedure. Little did I know how important plan “B” would become. I came to Dr. Shermak after 4 Mohs surgeries on the same day (11/4/14). I also had a substantial tumor growing on my nasal bone. The surgeries left me with a hole in my face about 1.25” X 2” (pictures available upon request). To say that I was traumatized is an understatement. My wife was inconsolable with fear for me. We wept together out of shear fear of the outcome. Michele proceeded with an able assist from the affable James to bring me back from the edge of fear and despair to believe in her knowledge and skill, to perform what I believe is nothing short of a miracle. She opened my face from my hair line across my nose to the bottom left of my lip, also from about a ½ inch to the left of my left eye to the bridge of my nose. She then proceeded to put me back together, piece by piece, stitch by stitch. Every person who knows me, or what happened to me, without fail has remarked how fortunate i was to have chosen michele for my reconstruction. Without a doubt I’m still the HAPPIEST guy in the room (any room large or small).


I first went to Michele A. Shermak, MD - Plastic Surgeon office in search of the facelift. Dr. Shermak and her staff are fabulous! Dr. Shermak really cares about what the patient is expecting to accomplish, and is honest in what is realistic. I had no hesitation in going back to Dr. Shermak and would not have considered anyone else. I would recommend this plastic surgeon to anyone interested in improving their appearance.


Highly recommend Dr. Michele Shermak!! This is a top notch facility with a great staff!!


Dr. Shermak is absolutely wonderful! She is kind, personable and extremely professional. She performed a half body lift on me after weight loss surgery (with a weight loss of 117 pounds-lots of hanging skin!) with confidence and great results. Dr. Shermak is very knowledgable in this area and was actually excited about what she could do with my body. From the first appointment, during surgery and through post op follow ups, she was genuine and caring about answering questions and concerns and wanted to be sure that I was doing well. I had a completely positive experience and the pain was extremely minimal thanks to all her expertise. I would recommend Dr. Shermak without hesitation. Thank you Dr. Shermak!


I had breast cancer for the second time this past summer and was required to have a mastectomy. Dr. Shermak was my plastic surgeon for my reconstruction surgery (latissimus dorsi flap breast reconstruction) and performed breast reduction surgery on my other breast. It was extensive surgery and the final results were well above my expectations. Dr. Shermak and her staff were supportive and caring from my first consultation, through surgery and all of my follow up office visits. I highly recommend Dr. Shermak.


I recently had a Breast Augmentation done by Dr. Shermack, it has been about 6 weeks from my surgery and I feel AWESOME! The surgery center and the people who work with Dr Shermack are amazing, and made me very comfortable. When I decided to have the Breast Augmentation I went to 3 different surgeons for consultations, because it being a cosmetic surgery I wanted to hear more then one opinion. Dr. Shermack was the first surgeon I went to and then went to two other consultations after that. I decided to schedule my surgery with Dr. Shermack not only because of the comfortable enviorment in the surgery center but also because during my apt the she went over everything with me, tried different size implants for my body type, gave me her opinion on the size I should go to fit my body, and she helped me decide which type of implant to go with which was a concern of mine. Now, mind you yes the other surgeons that I went to had gone over these things as well, BUT Dr. Shermack talked to me in a way where I could understand, and never once did I feel uncomfortable with any topic we discussed. She is WONDERFULL! The day of my surgery I was nervous but everyone helped me feel at ease and the surgery was a BREEZE! After my surgery I was having an odd pain that I was worried about on my left breast and it was slightly more swollen then the other. Dr Shermack had given me her personal email at my consultation, so I emailed her with my concern and she called me rite away and asked me to come into the office. (IT WAS A SUNDAY) and she was willing to have me come in i never expeted this. All in all Dr. Shermack is by far the best choice I made for my surgery, and I have recomended her to everyone who has asked about my surgery and said they are considering to have a Breast Augmentation as well. My friends that ask about my surgery continue to tell me how great I look! Than you Dr. Shermack!!


Dr Shermak did a great job and was willing to work with some personal issues that I had with the treatment, another doctor would not even talk to me about.


Excellent physician with courteous and affable staff.


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