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BOTOX and Dysport

Both Botox and Dysport employ the potent power of botulinum toxin. These injectable, no downtime treatments work to weaken the tiny muscles responsible for Botox repetitive facial expressions such as frowning and smiling. The result is smoother, wrinkle-free skin and a renewed youthfulness to the complexion. Botox and Dysport are ideal for reducing crow’s feet, furrows between the eyebrows, forehead lines, and neck bands. This safe, FDA-approved treatment has become a major component in any non-surgical anti-aging regimen.

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Chemical peels

To effect deep, transformative change in the outer layers of skin, a chemical peel works to dislodge dirt and debris, remove superficial damage from the elements, and create a vibrant new layer of skin that is fortified with nutrients and anti-oxidants. Chemical peels come in three levels of intensity, and are made with AHA’s, TCA’s or phenol. Each peel is customized to the client’s individual skin texture, type and comfort level.

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Dermal fillers

Today’s plastic surgery arsenal places an emphasis on safe, non-invasive treatments that can transform and revitalize the appearance, taking years off of one’s perceived age. Dermal fillers can sometimes provide subtler and nuanced results than surgery, with less downtime, discomfort and risk. A “liquid” facelift utilizes a variety of injectables to lift, tone and resculpt the features, improving self-confidence and quality of life in a short office visit. Newer injectibles like Voluma for the cheek and Volbella for the lip provide even longer lasting results.

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For those clients seeking thicker, sexier, longer eyelashes, Latisse offers a unique solution that does away with sticky glues, mascaras and press-on extensions. Formulated with an easy-to-apply application that triggers actual hair growth, Latisse affords you the glamorous appearance you desire. Call our office today to find out if Latisse is an option for you.

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ZO skin health products are designed to treat the skin at every stage along the age spectrum. The ZO skincare strategy offers therapeutic products, maintenance products, daily skincare solutions, and products for prevention of damage from harmful UV rays and other environmental stressors. You may discuss with Dr. Shermak and Rae Beltran the options that best pertain to your skin.

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Spider vein treatment

If you are suffering from unsightly spider veins that run up and down the legs cluttering the surface of the skin, a treatment known as sclerotherapy may be able to provide you with an effective solution. During treatment, a simple medication is injected into the veins, collapsing them, and restoring the surrounding skin to its normal, attractive appearance. Sclerotherapy may be performed in the office in less than an hour, typically preceded by a test dose to assure good tolerance and outcomes.

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When the face ages, it does so in a variety of ways that all work together to cause us distress and dissatisfaction. The most prominent signs of aging include wrinkles, crow’s feet and laugh lines. But what about that pesky, unwanted area known as a double chin? This annoying fat-retaining zone usually fails to respond to dieting and exercise, making it all the more troublesome.

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