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Male Facial Enhancement

Published: April 28, 2020

Many men are interested in addressing facial improvement in order to appear more: Youthful Vigorous Competitive There is a well understood connection between perception and physical traits. Despite not being true or actual, physical attributes may lead to a perception of lack of wellness, energy and strength. Making physical improvements can transform these perceptions; and … Continue reading Male Facial Enhancement

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Do Tummy Tuck Scars Go Away?

Published: February 12, 2020

Many people looking for significant results from a tummy tuck or any other plastic surgery procedure might be discouraged by scars necessary to doing the surgery. Scars are the result of skin removal – skin removal is not possible without them. The goal of the plastic surgeon is to allow for impactful results while minimizing … Continue reading Do Tummy Tuck Scars Go Away?

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How Safe is Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Published: January 30, 2020

Women like yourself who undergo a Mommy Makeover are Moms. You are organized and want to assure that when you choose to undergo elective surgery that the surgery is safe so that you can return to caring for your family as quickly as possible. You are used to being a “care-er,” not a “care-ee.” The … Continue reading How Safe is Mommy Makeover Surgery?

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Textured Breast Implant Concerns – ALCL Q&A

Published: August 21, 2019

Over the past several months, textured breast implants have been in the news. On July 24, 2019 the FDA requested that the Allergan company voluntarily recall its Biocell textured implants:  You may receive information directly from Allergan. I am writing to provide additional information and to discuss what action, if any, is appropriate.   … Continue reading Textured Breast Implant Concerns – ALCL Q&A

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What is BBL?

Published: July 12, 2019

Brazilian Butt Lift, commonly referred to as BBL, includes lipo-contouring of the back and waist area, with transfer of the fat to the buttock. It provides a win-win solution for body contour issues. This is popular for women looking for better proportions and often as part of a Mommy Makeover. While some women want Kardashian-esque … Continue reading What is BBL?

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Dr. Shermak’s Interview with Health About Cardi B’s Plastic Surgery Experience

Published: June 14, 2019

Dr. Shermak tells Health the process after plastic surgery and how swelling is pretty common. She brings this to light about Cardi B’s experience on a plane after having liposuction and breast surgery. Baltimore Board-certified plastic surgeon, Michele Shermak, MD, FACS, tells Health, “The body has a systemic reaction to surgery. The initial reaction is usually … Continue reading Dr. Shermak’s Interview with Health About Cardi B’s Plastic Surgery Experience

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The Experience of a Breast Augmentation

Published: May 22, 2019

Whether you have already decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery, or are still in the decision-making process, more information about what to expect can help you make smart decisions. Do your research As with any surgery, is it important to do as much research as you can so you understand what to expect from breast … Continue reading The Experience of a Breast Augmentation

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Liposuction, One of the Most Popular Surgical Procedures

Published: May 9, 2019

Liposuction is one of the most popular surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons. In the right patient, results can be amazingly impactful with minimal scars and relatively easy recovery. Who is the best candidate for Liposuction? Men or women who are healthy and have focal fat “problem areas”. Liposuction can be performed on multiple body … Continue reading Liposuction, One of the Most Popular Surgical Procedures

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Tummy Tucks

Published: April 15, 2019

I LOVE Tummy Tucks! There is a broad range of tummy tuck procedures – more formally known as Abdominoplasty – to serve a wide range of abdominal presentations. Approaches vary from mini, to traditional, to more extensive incisions to allow for increasingly impactful results. A Tummy Tuck allows for excess abdominal skin removal, and this … Continue reading Tummy Tucks

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Liposuction and Recovery

Published: February 13, 2019

Taking care of your body is one of the best investments you can make. Even with the best intentions, and focusing on a healthy lifestyle, you may still have stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to respond to diet and exercise. Instead of beating yourself up, perhaps it’s time to take control and resculpt your … Continue reading Liposuction and Recovery

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