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Why Latisse?

Long, elegant lashes are a highly admired trait. Many women struggle to achieve the look by gluing on fake lashes or using thickening mascaras that promise to lengthen and define. Unfortunately, these are only temporary, time-consuming solutions. Until now there has never been an FDA-approved eyelash enhancement product on the market that can really achieve those long, elegant lashes so many of us desire.

Latisse, from Allergen, is a prescription treatment that is intended to treat hypotrichosis (the condition of having too few eyelashes). One of the main ingredients in Latisse is bimatoprost, which is known to stimulate lash growth. This medication was “discovered” after use for its original indication, glaucoma. Individuals using these Bimatoprost drops developed full lashes as a surprisingly positive side-effect. Latisse is not provided as a drop for the eye, but rather as a solution to brush directly onto the lash line.

The before and after photos of proven eyelash growth on those who use Latisse are truly amazing, but as with all products and procedures, there are potential risks and side effects. Some women may experience redness, itching, irritation and dryness of the eyes. Discolorations of the skin and potential allergic reactions are also a possible risk. Speaking to Dr. Shermak is the best way to determine if Latisse may be right for you.

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