Your exercise regime is an important aspect of your health, and many patients are anxious to get back to their routines as quickly as possible following breast augmentation surgery. It is important, however, to allow your body to heal properly following breast augmentation to avoid the risk of developing complications. While it can seem torturous to spend the weeks following your breast augmentation in Baltimore out of the gym or your favorite yoga class, the long-term health and success of your new curves are dependent on how closely you follow the aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Michele Shermak.

Is it Safe to Exercise Following Breast Augmentation?

One of the greatest concerns regarding exercise following breast augmentation is the healing process of the pectoralis muscles following breast augmentation. Since many breast implants are placed under this muscle group, the muscle will need to heal from surgical trauma before it will be safe for your body to resume exercise. The capsule which will hold your implants in place is delicately forming following your surgery and will need time to form and protect the location of the implant. Activities which jar the muscle or create pushing or pulling on this muscle group increase the risk of capsular contracture or movement of the implant, which could ultimately lead to the need for revision surgery.

The Importance of Rest

The most important thing that you can do during the weeks following breast augmentation is to rest. Your body will be working very hard to repair itself and recover from the trauma of surgery, and you should do everything you can to encourage that process. Eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods will go a long way in assisting with the healing process, as will maintaining adequate hydration. Learn to listen to your body and follow the hints it sends you. Soon enough you will be able to return to your beloved workout routine and will be able to show off your sensuous new curves.

What Types of Exercise may I Resume Following Breast Augmentation?

During the first few weeks following your breast augmentation in Baltimore, your muscles and incisions will be particularly susceptible to injury. You should not attempt to lift anything greater than ten pounds or perform any action which might strain the muscle structure. After two weeks, you may resume normal activities, but avoid strenuous motions. It is still necessary to avoid activities which may elevate your heart rate during this time. Here are a few guidelines:

  • – Cardio: very light cardio such as walking or riding a stationary bike may be resumed three to four weeks following surgery providing that there is no impact of any kind.
  • – Yoga and Pilates: light yoga and Pilates are acceptable following three to four weeks, provided you don’t perform postures which require arm strength. You should also be very careful of any motions which require an increased range of motion while your body continues to heal.
  • – Weightlifting: three to four weeks following surgery, you may begin to lift objects which are ten pounds. Lower body activities should be resumed first.

Approximately six weeks following breast augmentation, and after you get Dr. Shermak’s approval, you may resume your usual fitness routine. The most important thing is to listen to your body and proceed slowly, knowing that you will be back in top shape in no time!

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