Many women come to see me for Mommy Makeover, but are not quite sure what the procedure of Mommy Makeover entails – they just know they need it. Generally speaking, Mommy Makeover includes surgery on the breasts and abdomen, with possible additional contouring of the back, maybe a Labiaplasty to refresh the body after childbirth. Breast Surgery as a component of Mommy Makeover may include Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, or a combination of the two.

Breast Augmentation is great for the woman pursuing Mommy Makeover who has suffered deflation of the breasts after having babies, often after breastfeeding. Deflation may be asymmetrical. Breast Augmentation helps provide volume, fill loose skin, lift and center the nipple areolar complex and improve asymmetric volume. Breast Augmentation alone may not be the best solution for a woman with significant droop to nipple position or who has super lax, excessive skin – these women may benefit from a breast lift in conjunction with implants. Generally though, implant placement alone provides a great solution. I help my patients in a sizing process to choose the best implant for their breast dimension and size goal. We also discuss the merits of silicone vs. saline implants, as well as round vs. shaped implants. The implants improve volume, lift, symmetry and cleavage. Breasts can regain their more youthful appearance. Some women might choose an upgrade, achieving more preferred cleavage and size relative to their pre-baby breasts.

Recovery from our breast augmentation in Baltimore is relatively easy. Downtime is minimal, less than a week, and I ask my patients to hold off on strenuous upper body exertion for one month. My patients literally get in the shower the next day and drive within days of surgery. My patients often have lots of people who depend on them. They appreciate being able to do something for themselves without impeding everyone else’s schedule. I often hear from my patients “Why did I wait so long?” No need to wait any longer!

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