Plastic surgery is a deeply personal, often chosen path men and women, young and old, take to achieve goals that are otherwise unattainable. Genetic predispositions, surgical experiences, developmental issues, pregnancy and cancer diagnosis can result in changes to the body and an appearance that impacts confidence in the way you appear. Sometimes surgery is the only option available to consciously improve the situation in order to achieve complete confidence in your appearance. Confidence is so important! Confidence is attractive and beckons to those who surround it. People want to know what confident people are about. And confidence may be impaired by something those around you cannot even see. But you know.

One of my greatest joys is providing plastic surgery treatment to individuals looking to change something in their appearance that is hindering their total confidence. After taking a thorough history and listening to “pie in the sky” goals, I provide a surgical plan that is collaborative. I account for communicated goals and temper them with medical or financial limitations. And after completion of treatment, patients often ask, “Can I give you a hug?” I hear this many times a week. Of course! Truth is, I have actually been hugging them all along!

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