Did she or didn’t she?

This is often the goal for my patients in considering a post-operative outcome, looking enhanced but not over the top, looking rejuvenated but not different. Most women don’t want Pamela Anderson’s breasts or Joan Rivers’ face. Is it possible to pursue plastic surgery to achieve the real you that’s hiding inside or the person you feel you physically can and should be, without drawing too much attention?

The answer is definitively “yes!” This goes for minimally invasive and surgical treatments. Minimally invasive injectibles include Botox and botox-like medications, including Dysport and fillers. Botox and Dysport smooth lines in the forehead and around the eyes, and can even soften early neck banding or frowning at the corners of the mouth. Injectible fillers like Juvederm, Perlane and Restylane soften harsh creases, plump wrinkles around the mouth, and fill a tired lower lid/tear trough that accompany aging and tissue deflation from youth. Sculptra is a facelift-in-a-bottle, and with 3 treatments, the face is filled and lifted without a single scar. These treatments are performed in the office in less than 30 minutes, and with possible redness, swelling or bruising that may occur, you are essentially on your way and back to activities by the following day. Results refresh the face in a subtle, unrecognizable way.

Surgery results can similarly fly under the radar, except for a visible change in self-confidence and a new spring in the step. Facial procedures like Blepharoplasty, Browlift, Facelift and Necklift turn back the clock to wake up and refresh the face. Breast reduction improves functionality and self confidence. Breast augmentation enhances proportionality, possibly with some “umph.” Tummy Tuck helps regain the abdomen you had prior to weight changes, pregnancy and/or surgical procedures. Liposuction similarly assists in achieving a fit appearance which may be the jumpstart to a new fitness regimen. All of these surgical procedures may require less recovery time than you thought was necessary!

Did she or didn’t she? The only one who needs to know is you! The exact change may be difficult for your friends and peers to discern . . . all they should notice is that you are more refreshed, energized, and confident.

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