Why talk about fitness in a surgical blog? Because fitness will optimize surgical outcomes, and as a plastic surgeon aiming to get the best possible results, I cannot deny that it takes more than surgery to get my patients superior results.

The better your health, the better your surgical outcome. Plastic surgery is not a cure for poor health; plastic surgery is meant to improve upon focal physical problems to enhance health. An aging face, deflated breasts, lax abdomen, localized fat – these garden variety plastic surgery problems result from genetics, giving birth, aging. Medical issues need to be addressed prior to plastic surgery procedures. A healthy body maximizes the surgical results plastic surgeons create. Thinner skin, sculpted muscles, excellent core fitness and posture undoubtedly assure the outcomes of surgery on the torso, for example. A healthy body also contributes to a healthy mind and spirit, and although we don’t know how this impacts individuals on a cellular level, the benefits of general well-being and a positive outlook are undeniable.

After surgical recovery is complete, usually within 4 weeks with uncomplicated healing, I strongly encourage my patients to return (or go to) the gym and participate in a fitness regimen. Barre, yoga, pilates, and swimming are wonderful, low impact programs that strengthen the core and trim the body. Working with a professional trainer is also a great way to reach fitness milestones. My patients who strive for fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle have the best results I have seen!

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