Breast implant surgery results are dynamic. Implants settle and may wear down, but more significantly, the body changes over time resulting in potential need to revise. The female body changes significantly from young adulthood, to postpartum, to menopausal. The breast will enlarge with increased weight, will deflate with decreased weight (more exaggerated with massive weight loss), and the chest wall and body typically increase in size. Young women who initially present with congenital breast asymmetry often see movement toward recurrence of their initial presentation over time. Changes in the female body and implant integrity may warrant a visit with a board certified plastic surgeon for professional input on your current status, and to learn about options available to you to refresh the appearance of the breasts.

What are some of these options? The easiest implant revision is to remove the implant altogether. There is no way to exactly predict what you will be left with after removal, but this is oftentimes leads to a nice result, particularly in women looking for a slimmer more petite look.  Women may always revisit options after implant removal for second stage rebuilding. Many women opt to replace the implants. The great news is that currently implants have reached a very advanced generation: the outer shell is more durable and the silicone in silicone implants is now a cross-linked, form stable product which will maintain its shape over time and ripples far less. Worn implants no longer infiltrate local chest tissues like they did in the early 1990’s. The implant product lines are extensive, accounting for the broad spectrum of female body types and fullness preferences. There are also biologic products to provide better reinforcement of breast shape and support for implants, in case the breasts have been stretched out over time. Some women get a breastlift, with or without implant, after initial implant removal, mostly in a one stage procedure. Breastlift is an option you can discuss with your surgeon, depending on aging changes in the breast and your aesthetic goals. If you are unsure whether or not you want to commit to a breastlift with implant revision, you can always hold off to a later time.

Consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon is the best option to learning about a treatment plan that will help you meet your goals as safely and efficiently as possible, with the most optimal cosmetic result. Be sure to review the surgeon’s before and after photos to learn more about the surgeon’s experience and typical outcomes. You may call 410-616-3000 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shermak who is extensively experienced in primary and revision breast surgery, and feel free to check out her website at to learn more about Breast Implant Revisions.

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