Many men are interested in addressing facial improvement in order to appear more:

  • Youthful
  • Vigorous
  • Competitive

There is a well understood connection between perception and physical traits. Despite not being true or actual, physical attributes may lead to a perception of lack of wellness, energy and strength. Making physical improvements can transform these perceptions; and more importantly, provide confidence. Beyond any lack in physical attributes, a confident demeanor coaxes others to want to know what you are about.

The way we work and play today is more casual and often depends on how well we communicate in short bytes through video. How business is being conducted is dramatically changing, and very quickly. Business is more global and more virtual. We depend on video as a means for others to assess our personality and ability to get the job done. Much is read into physical appearance, and weak features may be perceived as functional weakness. A bland presentation and expectation of winning on the basis of years of experience are not the recipe for success any longer. Think TED talk – energy, confidence, and intelligent, quick communication, with feedback based on what is said and not said.

Injectables are a great treatment option for men to achieve a stronger, more refreshed appearance that has a far broader outcome than just an improvement in looks. These treatments are scarless, quick and quite impactful, with no downtime. They are meant to enhance, not change, appearance. And they are well tested and safe.

Top treatments for men include:

  1. Crows feet and forehead lines. Botox, or “bro-tox” as media has popularized this treatment, can reduce lines associated with skin thinning and muscle activity around the eyes which can age the face.
  2. Cheek Fill to provide a healthy, more vigorous appearance with more visible cheekbones.
  3. Jawline and Chin Augmentation to create a more well defined jawline and improve balance of the lower face. This is achieved well with fillers, many of which last over a year.
  4. Chin Fat Reduction with Kybella, which may also be used for jowl reduction, to give the impression of weight loss and a stronger chin.
  5. Skin quality may be improved with fillers, as well as daily skin care.

None of these treatments require an incision, and all may be done in a stepwise fashion to more gradually and seamlessly achieved results. Millenial guys are already doing this prospectively, pre-juvenating. This is something post millennial guys can do for themselves, on their own accord, without hesitation, once the benefits are understood.

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