While it is true that obesity is prevalent throughout our country, there has been a corresponding increase in numbers of individuals pursuing massive weight loss, defined as loss of greater than 100 lbs, or 50% of excess weight. Some achieve significant weight loss through diet and exercise, while others undergo surgical means of weight loss, such as lap bands, gastric sleeves, and gastric bypass surgery. Significant weight loss in individuals suffering from obesity will reverse many detrimental medical conditions, such as diabetes, sleep apnea, and hypertension. Long term success in weight loss will ultimately add many meaningful, happy, healthy years onto their lives.

After sustaining significant weight loss, individuals may suffer from functional and cosmetic consequences of lax, redundant skin. Weight loss changes can impact the face and neck, chest, arms, abdomen, upper and lower back, and/or the thighs. Board-certified plastic surgeons have been trained in techniques to rejuvenate and reverse changes related to weight loss, with removal of excess skin and improvement of skin tautness. Safety is the priority of the plastic surgeon, followed by achieving cosmetic improvement according to the individual’s goals. Please refer to my Photo Gallery to view representative results.

Scheduling a consultation with a Board-certified plastic surgeon is the first step, and one can easily be found in your area by searching the website www.plasticsurgery.org. At the time of consultation, the plastic surgeon will review your goals and medical history, and discuss appropriate surgical options, as well as risk and recovery. Representative patient photos will help educate you about realistic outcomes to expect, and what this particular surgeon can reasonably achieve for you. Be sure to understand the surgery process as well, and that your surgery will be performed in an accredited facility. Also be sure to understand the recovery process, with follow-up visits most optimally occurring within a week of surgery, and weekly initially to assure you are recovering well.

If you are interested in understanding more about massive weight loss body contouring surgery and your specific options, please contact Dr. Shermak to schedule an appointment at your convenience at 410-616-3000.

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