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We know and love the traditional soccer mom. In the past we gave her a “pass” for her unkempt appearance, lack of fitness, grooming, and style because it was understood that she does not have time for herself. We recognized that she was juggling a busy life the best she could, with all of her needs put on the back burner behind all of her charges.

And in walks Posh. She is beautiful, tailored, slim, fit, assured, and commands the room (or the sidelines) – her whole family does. She has been through 4 pregnancies! She manages her professional and personal life with style and grace. She has set a new bar for soccer moms everywhere.

What is the contemporary soccer mom to do? She can carry on as she has, or she might shift focus to look after her own health and well-being, requiring an even more tenuous, tight balancing act. Diet and exercise are critical to a healthy lifestyle. After these initial steps, a board-certified plastic surgeon may be enlisted to help put the Mommy Makeover over-the-top.

Minimally invasive, quick in-office procedures may help provide the necessary basics. Skin care regimens and intermittent peels improve overall skin quality and health. Latisse application nightly improves lash appearance and length. Injectibles such as Botox and Dysport smooth furrows between and around the eyes and forehead. Injectable fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, and Sculptra reverse deflation in the face that comes with aging, filling the nasolabial fold, lower lid, cheek and lip. Injectible treatments take place in a 30 minute office visit, and may be associated with minor bruising, swelling or redness that takes several days to recover.

Mommy makeover may also benefit from surgical procedures on the breast and abdomen. Breast surgery includes augmentation, lift, reduction, and the spectrum of treatment is broader than ever, including fat transfer to help provide breast lift and volume. Abdominal surgery comprises liposuction and tummy tuck Liposuction in the proper patient requires minimal downtime and return to routine activities typically in a week. Tummy tuck characteristically requires 2 weeks of recovery, and the results are unparalleled.

Not too many of us have the means Posh Spice has at her disposal. Please visit with Dr. Shermak to discuss minimally invasive and surgical options that might fall into your wish list and price point. You may be pleasantly surprised by what Dr. Shermak can offer you!

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