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I love performing Labiaplasty for my patients. Women over a broad spectrum of ages present with excess skin of the labia resulting in hygiene issues, physical discomfort with sexual intercourse and athletics, and embarrassment and anxiety over appearance in clothing or undressed. This issue has gained increasing importance over time as grooming of the genital area increases visibility of underlying appearance. Women with labial excess tissue typically present in their early 20’s or post-partum. Corrective reduction of the labial anatomy -meaning to the point where the labia look as if no surgery was ever performed – will result in functional and cosmetic improvement, leading to a better quality of life, just like Breast Reduction. Labiaplasty must be performed well, and seeing a board certified plastic surgeon who routinely performs this procedure is the best step in pursuing a proper outcome. The procedure can be performed in an hour under local or general anesthesia depending on the woman’s preference, and downtime is minimal, with almost no visible scarring.

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