The most popular and common facial rejuvenative procedures today likely include words like Botox, Filler, Lasers, Needling, maybe even Threadlifts. Unfortunately many health care providers/aesthetic “professionals” are getting in on rejuvenative procedures; and with their limited toolbox and experience, patients are not understanding their full range of options, often missing their best option because the provider they are seeing cannot offer what they should actually get. Worse case scenario, these unsuspecting cosmetic consumers who want to look better may end up with worse outcomes and long term damage, with notable financial outlay.

Rather than provide more and more (distorting) filler to hold off on the inevitable, facelifts and necklifts are a great way to reverse aging, with surprisingly hidden scars and limited recovery, with a spectrum of options available depending on the needs and goals of individuals seeking facial rejuvenation. As we age and accumulate the effects of decades of sun exposure, tissues in the face and neck deflate and descend to varying degrees, often dictated by genetics and weight changes. Lifting deeper tissues in the face, with corresponding lift and reduction of skin excess, actually reverses aging. Combined with fat transfer in many cases, transformation is complete.

Facelift and necklift procedures range from small tuck ups around the ears and temples to more comprehensive procedures under general anesthesia. Scars no matter which procedure are carefully and strategically placed in hidden creases around the ears, hair and under the chin. Sutures are out within 7-10 days, so recovery and downtime within that time period are surprisingly limited. The degree of surgery performed fully depends on the desires of the patient, and is best determined after she/he receive information about what is available for their particular needs and goals. Informed decision making and predictability are the keys to optimal patient satisfaction. No bridges are burned with smaller procedures, so more can be done at a later time to assure patient comfort with the proposed outcome.

Some people think the cost of face and necklift is really high and do not pursue consultation for that reason. My response to that is that they may be positively surprised by “the number,” that financing options are available, and that this is money thoughtfully spent, rather than throwing money away on procedures that cannot achieve long term or desired results. No matter how much money is spent on less invasive treatments performed by less experienced providers, it is too much if you are not getting what you most desire and particularly if you have a bad outcome.

I absolutely love what face and neck lifting can provide my patients! I love seeing the on table transformation and the smiles after surgery, starting as soon as the day after. Please call my office to schedule your consultation if this is something you are considering. Let’s make it happen!

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